A 10-day step-by-step program that will take you from idea to reality. Turn your creative hobby into a profitable and successful handmade shop!

from dream to handmade biz

A free 10-day course to turn your handmade skills into profit

Here’s some of what you can expect…

The one mindset change that you need to make today to turn your hobby into a thriving business.

day 1 - mindset & productivity

How to set up a system that will keep you moving forward, even when life gets in the way.

Gain clarity on what your business is and isn’t, and set achievable and realistic goals.

day 2 - goals and brand vision

Set the foundation for a powerful brand that will attract your ideal customers and turn them into repeat buyers.

How to find your “niche” and area of expertise;

day 3 - making something that sells

Exactly what products you are going to sell to start off (your starter collection);

How to define exactly who your ideal customer is so you know how to get your products in front of the right people.

How to get a good idea of the size of your market; identify market trends;

day 4 - understanding your market

How to identify your competitors and whether or not you should worry about them;

How to make sure you stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself from the competition

How much running your handmade shop will cost you each month;

day 5 - handmade business costs

The difference between variable and fixed costs and how to calculate them without pulling your hair out;

Why most formulas found online are wrong and misleading;

day 6 - pricing your products

How to avoid the common pitfalls of pricing handmade products;

How much money you need to make to break-even;

day 7 - your money & profit plan

day 8 - handmade business models

How much is your time worth and how to account for the time spent making your products.

Exactly how to price for profit (free calculator!)

How many sales you need to make each month to reach your minimum viable income and take your biz full-time (bye bye 9 to 5);

How to make sure your sales goal is achievable and realistic.

Understand the different types of handmade business models available;

Pick the one that works best for you.

How to brand and package your products, even if you are not a designer, and on the cheap (included is a list of resources I recommend you use)

day 9 - branding and packaging

day 10  wrap up + next steps

The exact steps that will take you from zero to a thriving handmade business (with a free roadmap included);

This includes packaging, logo, color palette, and fonts!

How to set up a successful online shop (free ultimate checklist included) even if you don’t know where to start at all!