Tizzit.co is an online community for makers, handmade shop owners, Etsy sellers, crafters, and anyone with a knack for the handmade and determined to make a living from it.

It’s about empowering you, the maker, to use your handmade skills to design and sustain a life you love - without feeling stressed, overwhelmed or like you’re in this alone. In fact, going it alone doesn’t mean the journey has to be lonely.

At Tizzit, we’re all about community. We know that with the right resources and a friendly and supportive community of experts and peers to guide you every step of the way, you can turn your handmade shop into a wild success.


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A supportive community of like-minded makers who won’t let you quit 

A step-by-step roadmap that will guide you through each stage of starting and growing a successful shop

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Founder of Tizzit, handmade business coach, cheese lover, and determined to help you turn your handmade skills into a profitable business.

Over the years, I’ve helped thousands of handmade shop owners start, grow and profit from their handmade shops with my training videos, online courses, and programs.

Now, it’s your turn. I believe (in fact, I am sure!) that with the right training, the right advice, and a supportive community who won’t let you quit, you can build a wildly successful handmade business - and that’s exactly what Tizzit is all about.

Hi, I'm Deb!

My flagship system, The Maker’s Roadmap, will take you through each stage of starting and growing a successful and profitable handmade shop so you can get back to doing what you love most (making) and worry less about the rest (business and ugh... marketing). Are you ready?

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Oh hey there! I see you’re interested in learning more about me and how the Tizzit community got started? Well, grab your favorite beverage, settle in and... let’s dive in!

It all started when, freshly graduated with a Masters in Business and Marketing, I tried working a corporate job for a hot second (I worked at the e-commerce/marketing department of Sephora), only to realize it wasn't the right fit for me. I was miserable. I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do but I knew I needed to scratch a creative itch so I went back to studying graphic design, taught myself how to code (nerd!) and started working independently as a graphic and web-designer, brand strategist, and online marketing and business consultant.

I worked for a few years in various industries, but my heart still wasn't in it. As more and more of my clients were handmade shop owners, I realized this was what I really wanted to do: use my business and marketing skills to support small shop owners and help them thrive. I decided to start saying ‘no’ to any client work that wasn’t a handmade business and to focus exclusively on helping makers and handmade shop owners. Tizzit.co was born.

To do so, I launched Tizzit.co, organised and hosted the successful Maker's Biz summit (which gathered close to 10.000 makers from over the world), and created a range of online courses that are now all available in our membership community, Tizzit HQ.

I have been told that what I do best is take a seemingly overwhelming concept and break it down into bite-sized actionable advice. That makes me *really* happy because yes, I do love to do that! In reality, I love everything you dislike about running your shop: marketing, business, strategy, planning... I eat all that good stuff for breakfast, so you don’t have to.

When I’m not working, you can usually find me planning my next campervan or travel adventure with my love Nick, reading my kindle on the beach (lucky to live 5 minutes walk from the ocean!), or knee deep in a bunch of different DIY and craft projects (50% of which I probably will never finish because I’ll get distracted by a new one I really want to start).

Whether it is by working with me and joining the Tizzit community or by any other mean, I sincerely hope you see your wildest handmade shop dreams come true.

We need more kindness, compassion, and love into our homes and to me, that’s what the handmade movement represents. So my friend... go get’em!”

Building a successful handmade shop might not be all unicorns and rainbows, BUT...

it sure is easier if you have a clear step-by-step roadmap to guide you along the way and tell you what to do, when to do it, and in what order.

Discover exactly what you need to focus on right now to build a successful and profitable handmade shop by downloading The Maker’s Roadmap PDF guide: your step-by-step guide to handmade shop success.

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Live Monthly Q&A Sessions.

A friendly and supporting community of like-minded makers for you to connect with and get feedback from.

And so much more: accountability, quick wins videos and tutorials, workbooks and checklists, etc.

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